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2022 Bryant Stiles Officers School


We look forward to seeing you in person at the Bryant Stiles Officers School in February!



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Friday Morning Classes

1. Fire Service Instructor Methodology Update/MOI Update

2. Survivability Profiles at Emergency Incidents

3. KY Board of EMS Update

4. If Merging Your Departments is in the Future, Do You Aim for Success or Win-Win? - CANCELLED

5. OSHA and the Fire Service...What you need to know to stay compliant

6. Strategic Planning...Building Your Department's Future Today

7. A Review of The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire

Friday Afternoon Classes

8. The Safety of your 911 and Emergency Operations Center during Civil Unrest

9. Cartel-Delivered Death: Meth, Heroin, and New Killer Kids - CANCELLED

10. Records Management, an Expanded Overview

11. QPR (Question, Persuade, Respond)

12. Photovoltaic System Fires

13. Fire/EMS: Active Shooter Response Training

14. Insurance Services Office (ISO) Public Protection Classification Program

Friday All-Day Classes

15. Recruitment and Retention in Today's Competitive World

16. Ethical Leadership in the Public Safety Learning Environment

17. Fire Alarm Systems for Inspectors

18. EMT National Continued Competency Program (3-day)

Saturday Classes

18. EMT National Continued Competency Program (3-day)

19. Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

20. Tactical Change: Rethinking Your Approach to Construction Emergencies

21. Preparing Your Replacement - CANCELLED

22. Keeping Badges Off The Wall and Leading With Attitude

23. Preparing for The Big One

24. Leading and Managing Your Fire Department

25. Learning From The Past to Make Better Command Decisions In The Future

26. I Am In Charge, Now What? Rules Of Engagement For Fire Officers

27. The Art Of Reading Smoke

Sunday Classes

18. EMT National Continued Competency Program (3-day)

28. Is This The New Norm?

29. Keeping Badges Off the Wall and Applying Fire Dynamics Research in Suburban/Rural Departments

30. Se7en Habits of Highly Effective Departments - CANCELLED

31. Managing the Fire Ground - Tactical Considerations

32. The Laws of Learning

33. The Art of Reading Smoke

34. Mental Health First Aid for Fire and EMS

35. Short Staffed Operations, How Can I Accomplish What Needs to be Done?

36. Kentucky Fire Commission Roundtable

Two-Day NFA Classes

37. NFA - Shaping The Future (F0602)

38. NFA - Fire Investigations: First Responders (F0770)

39. NFA - Leadership In Supervision: Frameworks to Success (F0648)

40. NFA - Strategies and Tactics for Initial Company Operations (F0455) - FULL

41. NFA - Incident Safety Officer (F0729)